What’s All This Dream Stuff About, Anyway?

Jay Newkirk Business Consultant dreams and business goals leadership successFor as long as I can remember I have been a “positive mental attitude” person and advocate. It’s been the focal point of my life for a long time. I’m constantly looking for a positive outcome at every turn. So as I’ve coached, advised, counseled and made an effort to motivate people, I’ve come to the conclusion that it all starts with having a “dream”—a clear one, not a fuzzy one.

I’ve been asked many times, particularly recently, “What’s all this dream stuff about anyway?” Well, here it is. We all know that life is a day-to-day challenge. Something is always happening with your spouse, your significant other, your child, your best friend, and/or your work. And on and on.

So here’s what this dream stuff is all about. We can all become consumed by whatever is on our minds, particularly when it comes out of our mouths. Keep in mind that whatever you say you also hear. When we internalize our own dialog, it becomes who we are. So here it comes: the secret to overcoming a vicious negative circle is to “have a dream.”

Now, I’m getting ready to share something with you that will change your life, so I hope you’ll keep an open mind. When your subconscious mind has a positive image of something you want—be it health, a special vacation, a new home or car, a new relationship, or a fulfilling job—and you think on these things from time-to-time, in your quiet moments, your dream will come to you.

Be it professional or personal, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a dream. When we lose sight of whatever that dream is, we also lose the potential of it coming true. This is why I start a lot of my business counseling sessions by asking my clients, “So, what’s your dream?” Having one and articulating it is the first step toward achieving it.

Promise me you won’t walk away from this truth and miss living your dream! It’s one thought away!

So, I ask you, What’s your dream?