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Building a government contracting company to a staff of 1,000 and an annual revenue of $100 million is no small feat. But that’s exactly what Jay Newkirk and his business partners did, culminating in a successful liquidity event.

In book one in The Pearls of Business series, Jay shares with other entrepreneurs and business leaders the principles and practices he employed so they, too, can successfully grow and develop their businesses. With a focus on entrepreneurs and leaders doing business with the federal government, Jay’s insights and insider tips are substantiated with quotes by diverse thought leaders, which, when applied to the phases a business undergoes as it’s growing, become the pearls of business.

The Pearls of Business includes winning strategies on topics like:

  • The benefits of dream-building sessions and how to have them
  • Best practices for developing a simple business plan
  • Cultivating a positive corporate culture
  • Hiring and employee-retention strategies
  • Effectively using outcome management to achieve your business goals

Punctuated with exercises to help readers successfully apply the guidance, tactical advice, and anecdotes of Jay’s personal experiences, The Pearls of Business has value for all entrepreneurs who want to do business differently, better, and more successfully.

The Pearls of Business is full of treasures for all business owners. Jay Newkirk provides insight on how to utilize the human element in every part of business. Jay has a story of success and shares the Pearls that he learned and found all along his journey to success. Highly recommend!”

~ Leigh Christian, president, Plans to Prosper Consulting

“Author Jay Newkirk generously shares his invaluable business wisdom. If you are thinking about starting a business, read this book. If you already own a business, definitely read this book. The Pearls of Business is overflowing with crucial advice by a person who has been through and experienced every aspect of owning several enterprises, from the not-so-successful to the wildly rewarding. Jay shares his extensive knowledge and insights. All entrepreneurs need to read this book.”

~ Donna, Amazon reviewer

“An in-depth, comprehensive, systematic approach to business success that recognizes the importance of human capital.”

~ Larry Womack, author, Outcome Management

The Pearls of Business has captured a lifetime of wisdom from Jay Newkirk’s experiences in business. It is a must-read by anyone contemplating starting a business or currently involved in building one.”

~ Bobby Bradley, cofounder, Village of Promise