The First Step Toward Achieving My Dream: Launching “The Pearls of Business”

The Pearls of BusinessI am so excited to share with you the cover of my book, The Pearls of Business, slated for a fall, 2016, release. Finalizing the cover is an important milestone for me, as it is the first step in making my book a reality. The manuscript is in editing and the interior is being designed.

I am honored to announce that Larry Womack, author of Outcome Management, has graciously agreed to write the book’s Foreword. Larry was an inspiring advisor to us when my business partner and I were in the early growth phase of our IT business. (I talk more about this experience in the book.)

The Birth of “The Pearls of Business”

Launching a business and successfully growing it to your desired value proposition is a balance of art; people skills; and making optimized, timely, and creative decisions while maintaining a focus on achieving your dream. This is no small feat, but it is absolutely attainable with the right attitude and accessible guidance.

When we launched CST, we had the right attitudes and understood many of the principles I offer in The Pearls of Business, but we had to search for guidance. Traditional business books and consultants focused on processes and “how to’s.” We already knew the “how-to” when it came to starting our business. What we needed was to learn the “how-to” when it came to excelling with a winning attitude and ensuring that we kept our eyes on our dream.

Through experience, diligence, and the willingness and ability to learn, we discovered how to overlay timeless guiding principles with the operational aspects of running a business. We learned how to “hold hands and run” with the people on our teams; we discovered the benefits of surrounding ourselves with people who were better than we were in the areas we needed strengthening, and so forth. Through applying these “one-liners” in this unique way, we successfully grew our business and saw it through to a very profitable liquidity event. And this was the beginning of my developing The Pearls of Business as a tool to show others how they, too, can apply these pearls and win.

My Hope

My hope is that The Pearls of Business will serve as the missing link between the existing “how-to” books out there and those business leaders who are hungry to learn how to do business differently, better, and with a more positive attitude than their competitors. Internalizing and practicing the timeless guiding principles I offer can only lead to business success and achieving your dream. And isn’t that really what it’s about?

Read more about The Pearls of Business here.

I look forward to sharing more with you about the book as it continues to develop. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments in the space below.