Successful Leadership: Applying the Pearl

Outcome Management author Larry Womack wrote in an interview I did with him that, “Leaders should be rewarded for the accuracy of their predictions, the wisdom of their visions, and the quality of their empowerment providing everyone with the knowledge, information, tools, and culture required to achieve the desired outcome.”

Larry’s “pearl of business” stayed with me and I started thinking about how entrepreneurs can apply his advice to their current business environments and leadership roles. 

Prediction Accuracy

Business success is in part achieved by the leadership assessing at the beginning of each year how the business performed during the previous year and using that information to optimize the new year’s projections. Doing this initiates prediction accuracy and leads to growth and reaching goals.

Wisdom of Their Vision

Leaders must have a vision in the first place, then be willing and able to share it with everyone around them. If your leadership team and employees don’t know your vision for your company, then they only have a job and they may not be as invested in your business’s ultimate success. However, if they know where you’re taking the company, they have a career and will stay with your business to help you achieve that vision that they also share.

Leaders must have a vision in the first place, then be willing and able to share it with everyone around them. Click To Tweet

Quality of Empowerment

Entrepreneurs and business owners often have extensive knowledge about their products and services, which may overshadow their ability to empower others around them. As businesses grow and employees are added, be sure that you are listening to the people around you, offering them the space and opportunity to be successful in their positions, and resist the urge to micro-manage everything. Employees will thrive in a collaborative business environment where they are empowered.

What has been your experience as an owner, leadership team member, or staff member on this topic? Have you internalized your organization’s vision, contemplated how to envision and articulate it, and empowered yourself and your associates to achieve it? Please share in the comments below.