Success Redefined


Throughout my life I have defined being successful by being able to help people. Doing so has not meant forfeiting financial success and—in fact—the two have gone hand-in-hand. What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s also about how you define “help.” When it comes to business, “help” can be defined as the support you give to your employees, which enables them to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. If your employees are upward-motivated and desire to advance in the company, help them achieve that by setting a clear plan and roadmap that they can follow to do so.

“Help” is also defined by the work you do to ensure your company grows successfully into whatever dream you have for it. If you are working toward a liquidity event, give your leadership team the freedom they need to pursue that dream by allowing for feedback, personal growth, and the financial freedom they may seek after the event.

Do you have a lifestyle business you hope to pass on to your children or another partner? Help yourself by keeping your dream solidly in place and help your future successor obtain solid long-term contracts that will extend far beyond your departure from the business.

So, in my opinion, success doesn’t have to be solely defined by how much money you make. When your true desire is to help others get what they want, you, too, will get what you want.

Have you had an experience where you felt helped and supported at work, and it enabled you to achieve your dream? Have you helped someone else achieve their personal or professional dream? Please share in the comments below.