A Mother’s Day Note

happy-mothers-day-jay-newkirk-business-tips-successful-business-practicesMany of us celebrate Mother’s Day each year with greetings, flowers, and gifts. This year I want to share with you the important impact my mother had on my life and career. She passed away a few years ago but I’m sure she continues to look over my shoulder.

I grew up in a small laundry and dry cleaning business and came home to the shop after school every day to help out. I observed my mother handling the business’s finances and accounting, while my father managed the business’s operation.

My mom positively influenced everyone there: the employees, customers, and the vendors. She provided an uplifting environment, was continually supportive, and while she handled the important finance and accounting function she freed up my father to focus on running the business. The influence I’m referring to, relative to my mother, is that she constantly encouraged me to work hard and always reminded me that if I stayed positive and helped other people, I would excel and have a successful life.

On this Mother’s Day—as every day—I am eternally grateful to my mom. I hope you’ll take some time today to thank your mom for all she’s given you.

What kinds of stories do you have about how your mom or maternal figure positively influenced your life?

Happy Mother’s Day!