Book Review: “Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver”

Lessons from a UPS driverI found it impossible to put down Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver by Ron Wallace once I started reading it. Wallace provides concise and extraordinary guidance on not only building a successful business but on building a successful life. This book was informative, inspiring, and also validating for me as Wallace and I share many of the same approaches.

It was so refreshing and engaging for Wallace to start the book by profiling the UPS founders, in particular Jim Casey, from whom Wallace learned so much. Wallace took what he learned from Casey, internalized it, and put the principles to work throughout his own UPS career. He learned a principle that is important to me—“It’s not about me, it’s about you.” And he shows readers how he did it.

Another topic Wallace writes about really resonates with me and my business practices. He talks about developing and protecting a “people culture.” In straightforward language, Wallace shows that by listening, looking directly into the eyes of the person you are dealing with (whether it’s during a positive moment or when dealing with a business or personal challenge), you can have success by understanding where a person is coming from and what they need from a leader to continue to move forward and prosper.

I am applying these principles in my own business consulting work with a number of small business owners who are part of a Mentor Protégé program funded by the federal government. This activity provides an important opportunity to share these success principles with a group of business owner protégés who are, fortunately, listening. I am sending all these leadership teams a copy of this important book.

I encourage anyone looking for a book that will inspire them, teach them, and enable them to adapt a new way of thinking to pick up Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver.

If you’ve read this book, what did you think of it? What are some other books that have resonated with you?