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The Pearls of Business

Jay is currently developing his book, The Pearls of Business: Guiding Principles to Successfully Navigate from Launch Point through Liquidation. His book offers guidance, advice, anecdotes, and exercises to help entrepreneurs and business leaders—in whatever stage they are in—navigate the journey that leads to business success.

the-pearls-of-business-jay-newkirkTopics include:

  • Solidifying the Business Idea
  • Developing a Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Business Processes and Stabilizing Operations
  • The Importance of Collaboration

The Pearls of Business incorporates the knowledge Jay has acquired in his more than thirty years in the business world with guiding principles and successful leadership practices he has developed along the way.

Accessible, informative, and inspirational, The Pearls of Business will aid readers in achieving their dreams of business success.